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Lambeosaurus magnicristatus

This skeleton is the best preserved of only two skeletons of Lambeosaurus magnicristatus known. L. magnicristatus is easily distinguished from other hadrosaurs by the enormous size of its fan-shaped cranial crest. The specimen (TMO 66.04.01) was found by C.M. Sternberg in 1937 near the town of Manyberries and collected for the GSC. The skeleton was subsequently transferred to the Provincial Museum of Alberta (now the Royal Alberta Museum) where it was prepared and exhibited in 1970. The skeleton is now on display at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller.

Lambeosaurus magnicristatus in the field photo.
Lambeosaurus magnicristatus in the field. Alberta, Canada.

Lambeosaurus magnicristatus in museum mount photo.
Lambeosaurus magnicristatus in museum mount. Royal Tyrrell Museum, Alberta, Canada.

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