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Geology and Palaeontology of Southeastern Alberta (Manyberries and Area):

The Late Cretaceous sediments of Alberta have arguably the most abundant and best documented dinosaurs in the world ranging from the late Santonian to the late Campanian. The Belly River Group in Southern Alberta includes a complete section of Late Cretaceous strata including, from oldest to youngest, the Pakowki, Foremost, Oldman Dinosaur Park, and Bearpaw formations. The Pakowki and Bearpaw formation are marine, while the Foremost, Oldman, and Dinosaur Park formation, constituting the Judith River Group, are terrestrial. The Dinosaur Park Formation in southern Alberta is much thinner than it is in Dinosaur Provincial Park, and there are few exposed areas. However, extensive exposures of the Foremost and Oldman formations are present. The Foremost Formation was deposited in a marginal marine setting and contains abundant coals. The Oldman formation was deposited in an arid setting and contains river deposits laid down by braided streams. The Pakowki Formation is rich in invertebrates but no vertebrates have been collected from these beds so far.

The Belly River Group

  1. The Foremost Formation
  2. The Oldman Formation
  3. The Dinosaur Park Formation

The Bearpaw Formation

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